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Expand DAF offering to clients at scale

The Amicus platform does more than just give your private clients a more modern, digital experience. Automated operations drive lower contribution minimums and admin fees, so that you can make DAF’s accessible to your broader client base.

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Strengthen and protect client relationships

Don’t force your clients to go elsewhere for their giving needs. Amicus strengthens client connections by bringing the deeply personal area of giving into the advising relationship. Amicus enables your advisors to guide your clients' philanthropic journey and prepares them for the generational wealth transfer.

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Keep contributions in your ecosystem

Uniquely, DAF assets managed in the Amicus platform remain within your ecosystem until they are granted to the recipient nonprofit organization. Our sponsor partner GiveClear keeps accounts with each firm that uses the Amicus platform and appoints the bank as investment manager for assets contributed by clients.


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Scaleable, elastic architecture

Our high-volume DAF platform is engineered to support exponential growth in your DAF business with hundreds of millions of accounts, hundreds of thousands of charities and billions of transactions.

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Compliant, SOC II Certified

Amicus has successfully completed the AICPA Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2) Type 2 audit and is compliant at the highest level.


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100% digital for clients and advisors

The Amicus digital experience extends to advisors as well as clients. Fully enable your team with the digital workspace to guide every client’s giving journey. Your staff can manage grants, projects and investments, and documents; using customized workflows in a platform engineered for high donor volume.

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White-labeled to fully support your brand

The Amicus DAF platform integrates fully into your existing digital portal. Specifically designed for white-label deployment, Amicus’ adds firm-provided branding, colors and graphics to become a beautiful extension of your digital portal.

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API-enabled to integrate with your existing systems

Firms that prefer to provide their own interface can use the Amicus API to integrate DAF capabilities directly into their existing systems and UX/UI. This “headless” capability makes the Amicus back-end a powerful addition to the systems you already own.


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Supports extensive set of contribution sources, including:

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Easy allocation to firm-supplied investment options.

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Clients support favorite causes and find new ones with a few clicks.

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