Amicus.io is a fintech company on a mission to fundamentally change the way individuals, corporations, foundations, and governments engage in philanthropy by facilitating a digital transformation of the non-profit space.

Our Story

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Nearly three decades ago, Amicus.io co-founders Cor Hoekstra and Walt Ruloff worked together in supply chain and logistics. After a successful exit, the pair spoke with a representative from World Vision, who urged them to introduce technology into the nonprofit space. They asked themselves an ambitious question.

How can we introduce technology that would truly revolutionize and mobilize charitable capital, perhaps more importantly, bridge the gap between donors and charities? At the end of the day, everybody wants to give.

Quote "when people donate to a cause, they want to actually make a difference. Today's philanthropists expect transparency, whether they're in the 1% or 99%."

We envision a more generous world where everyone can be a philanthropist.

Quote "by small or large acts of generosity, we can make this world a better place. perhaps that sounds grandiose, but the smallest acts of kindness often have a profound impact in ways we don't realize."

Cor and Walt, along with co-founder Paul Welsh, began to imagine how to reinforce a culture of generosity by providing a technology solution to mobilize charitable capital that is more inclusive, more accessible, and more impactful.

Realizing that this idea could fundamentally shift the philanthropic sector and individuals’ connection to generosity, they got to work.

Thus, Amicus.io was born.

What We Do

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Amicus.io is an early stage fintech company that aligns the incentives of donors, financial institutions, corporations, and philanthropic organizations for charitable giving at scale—to grow a more generous world.

Amicus modernizes donor-advised funds (DAFs) for charitable giving to empower motivated donors of any size. Now, the average person can make a bigger impact. We leverage our DAF 2.0 technology to bridge communications and transparency gaps, thus fostering meaningful connections between donors and non-profits.

Founded in 2017, Amicus.io is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and Vancouver, Canada.

Quote "By lowering the barrier to entry, with a highly cost efficient consumer-oriented DAF, we set a ripple effect in motion that will impact the entire philanthropic community, paying dividends to each party involved."

Our Values

At Amicus, we are guided by the 5 C’s in all that we do.


We believe in the spirit of giving, in kindness, in humanitarianism.


We believe that relationships sustain generosity.


We believe that transparency and integrity are essential for trust.


We believe that mindful appreciation and gratitude inspire our work.

Cutting Edge

We believe in the pursuit of relentless innovation.